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The High Priestess is showing we need our intuition

Hi everybody. I’m Tara. Today we’re on the third card of the major arcana and that is the High Priestess. The main theme that I want you to take away from the High Priestess today is that of connecting with your intuition, of listening to your gut feelings. So, in our society we often are taught to ignore those feelings especially girls and women are influenced by this because from a very young age, for instance, we’re taught to just smile and be nice all the time even if someone is creeping us out. So, maybe like a weird guy at the grocery store is like leering at us and you know, it’s like, oh honey, smile at the man. And you’re like creeped out by this person. So we kind of learn to like stuff away our intuition and ignore our gut feelings and we want to make sure that we don’t do that.

We need our gut feelings, we need our instincts, we need our intuition. Our intuition is there to protect us on like a primal level and then on a spiritual level our intuition is there to guide to make sure that we are following the plan that our spirit wants, to live the life that our spirit decided to incarnate for. So the High Priestess is about intuition. She has these deep waters behind her and she’s holding- well, the Torah- but really like ancient wisdom, and she is the feminine side of the Divine. She is spirituality while another card is religion, which is different we’ll go over that another day but she is the feeling of connection with spirit, the feeling of connection to yourself.

So tune into your intuition today. Alright thank you so much for tuning in for my video today, I appreciate it so much. If you enjoyed this video please subscribe to my channel, share it, tell your friends. Namaste..

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