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Can a tarot card reading predict the future?

Can a tarot card reading predict the future? well some say it can’t, whilst others say it can. There is one thing for sure a large number of people are fascinated by tarot cards, and tarot readings. It is very easy to get a tarot reading by simply booking a reading with your local psychic or getting a free tarot reading on the Internet.

Information about a tarot card reading:

In the past, playing cards where used to give a tarot card reading or predict the future, in fact, they were designed for divination purposes. There are several different spreads that can be used when giving a tarot reading, however, it is important to understand the basic meaning of each card. A psychic, will you use a certain spread, knowledge of the cards, and their intuition when giving a reading. The cards you choose will be interpreted by the tarot reader to give you guidance and choices in your life.

The meanings of the four suits in a tarot deck:

  • The cups are related to water. They can symbolize friendship, love affairs, abundance, and domestic issues. However, they are mainly positive cards.
  • Wands are associated with fire. They often represent action, business, aims and achievements. On a general level they may indicate action and achievement.
  • Pentacles are related to earth. They can indicate challenges, finances, work and career. These cards often relate to practical matters.
  • Swords are connected to air. They represent new challenges, an active mind, gossips and concerns. These cards are related to the mind and intellect.

Hopefully, the general tarot cards meanings listed above will help you give or receive a better tarot card reading.

The next important part in giving a good tarot card reading is to choose a spread that works for you. It is always a good idea for you and the client to shuffle the cards properly before laying down a spread, it is also a good idea to ask your client to think of the questions they want answering, this will open up the energy and allow for a better tarot card reading.

Here’s another pointer on tarot cards spreads, a three card spread is a simple spread that beginners and experts can use to give an accurate tarot card reading. The first card indicates connections to your past, the second card indicates your situation at the present moment, and the third card show what the solution to the issue or possible future. However, some clients may require a larger spread for their tarot reading, because of the complexity of their problems.

There are many different ways of doing a tarot card reading with many different types of tarot decks such as the Mythic Tarot and the Rider Waite to name but a couple. When purchasing a tarot deck the best thing you can probably do is to go with your intuition.


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