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New Moon in Libra 19th October 2017

Hi everyone Pam Gregory astrologer I’m gonna be speaking to you today about second half of October and in particular the new moon in Libra that we have coming up on the 19th before we get to that in the middle of the month we have an interesting aspect between Mars at 27 or forego […]

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All About the Hanged Man Tarot Card

I, welcome back. I’m so excited to have Marybeth Murphy, our spiritual coach, here teaching us more about the Major Arcana cards. Okay, so now we’re going to talk about the Hanged Man. I know, it’s sounds horrible doesn’t it, but he’s not, he’s cool, he’s just hanging around, right, look at him, he’s upside […]

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Psychic Reading

Are you thinking about having a psychic reading? Do you have questions about your career, love-life, health, and finances or would you like to contact a loved one who has passed to spirit? Most of us have thought about contacting a psychic for a psychic reading, but for one reason or another haven’t done so. […]

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