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Psychic Reader – If you try hard enough, any person has the ability to give a psychic reading

The title tells the truth; psychic reading is a skill that can be learned by anybody. Your path to psychic reading begins with accepting your abilities. It might take a little bit of time for your mind to be able to adjust to your new psychic powers. Start thinking in terms of your psychic abilities. If you have a good idea, you should be able to tell others about it and get it out there. Say to yourself everyday, “I am psychic”. Read everything you can find on the topic of psychic abilities, and it will help you get in touch with your own.psychic reader

You can join a course taught by a psychic medium, a group training session, or a psychic workshop. These are usually available at a reasonable cost. If you are of like mind with those of the Spiritualist church, there are training circles that you might want to join.

Your psychic reader abilities should be practiced on a regular basis. You shouldn’t feel bad if you fail sometimes as this is only natural; as a person, you can err. The realization will come to you that with increased practice comes improved performance. As you begin, allow the Tarot cards to “speak” to you instead of trying to remember what each individual card means.

Receiving information available beyond your senses comes with practice. You can accept the change, however, it will take some time.

The mind is an important tool that you are able to change yourself. (not the tarot cards at first) helps you put your psychic abilities to use. Psychometry is the art of holding something that belongs to the person you are reading for and getting psychic impressions while using this as a tool. Once you have felt the object try to link the object to the owner. Picture the information inching up your fingers, arms and neck, all the way into your brain. The answers will come as flashes of what has or is happening in the persons life, or fleeting feelings or voices inside your head. Tell everything as it comes into your head. Make sure you remain relaxed, no matter how the information may upset you.

It will feel like your mind is moving at a different pace from the rest of the world; you will feel less input from your ordinary senses and more from your own mind. You will be surprised once the information comes to you as if it were already within you. During a session, make sure you mention every feeling that you have so that those sensations can be recorded. As time goes by you may be able to do this without something to focus on.

Practice is essential if you want to get to the psychic reader level that you want. It is important to allow information to come to you from outside your body and mind. Say your phone rings, take a moment to concentrate on who may be on the end. The improvements you will see over time will amaze you!

I once got a letter from my sister that made me sad just to touch it. I called her and she said she hadn’t been feeling bad when she wrote or handled the letter. I may have touched on the feelings of a postal worker who spent a bit of time handling the letter. I only know that someone was very sad when they touched the letter on it’s way to me.

Try to read the feelings of those close to you. Sometimes when I’m with my niece in a room, the words to a song just materialize in my brain. Soon, she will be humming that exact tune. Now which one of us picks up from the other is hard to say, as she may have been thinking of humming the song long before she actually started to. When someone sends me visual communication, I know that I’m proven to be a really great receiver.

The best advice I can offer is to find a good friend who is willing to help you by being your sounding board as you’re learning to empower your psychic reader skills. Do not get discouraged if they are not all correct. Keep in mind that the more your practice, the better your psychic abilities will be.


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