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Hi everyone Pam Gregory astrologer I’m gonna be speaking to you today about second half of October and in particular the new moon in Libra that we have coming up on the 19th before we get to that in the middle of the month we have an interesting aspect between Mars at 27 or forego and Charon at 27 of Pisces now we’ve had a whole lineup a whole emphasis of planets moving through Virgo and Virgo is about hard work very detailed nose to the grindstone hard work so this is an aspect where we could feel overworked very tired or even overwhelmed the Mars Chiron aspect so knowing that take time out take a step back especially if this is aspect in anything 27 or 30 or 27 of Pisces for you just take a break in nature breathe disconnect take time out for you and back away from the detail for a little while we also have this continuing which we had for a couple of months now grand trine in fire between the North node in Leo Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius all of the late degrees of the fire sign so this as I’ve spoken about before is an equilateral triangle of inspiration of creativity of innovation of bringing forth new ideas that are very future-oriented and particularly if you have anything in the late degrees of Aries where Uranus is traveling is currently at 27 then you may really feel these surges of newness or the need for newness coming into your life then on the 19th of the month we have our new moon at 26 degrees on 35 minutes of Libra this happens at 1211 p.m.

Pacific and p.m. UK time now Libra is ruled by Venus so the is about relationship it’s about love it’s about peace cooperation harmony cooperation it’s Libre has a very polite um keeping everything nice keeping um a billion messy emotions out of the picture smoothing things over so everything looks presentable and gracious and and as I say socially acceptable but there’s some quite complex symbolism at this new moon because the Sun and Moon which always tightly together add a new moon are almost exactly within four minutes of Arc opposing Uranus an earnest is really the opposite of all those qualities it’s in Aries which is about me and you know ego but it’s also the great disruptors the great awakener is the planet of extremism it’s the planet of challenging the status quo and Libra is a very conventional sign it’s about shaking everything up to get to the truth Yanis is about piercing clarity and getting to the truth doesn’t matter how messy and shocking Uranus makes things because it’s a very sudden erratic very shocking energies we often see in in our own lives but in world events so it’s not gonna play along with the social niceties of Libra in addition to that Eris the dwarf planet Eris is at 23 of Libra is 323 of Aries so it’s also opposing the Sun and Moon now the symbolism of Eris is the goddess of discord again a very disruptive energy both Uranus and Eris in Aries emphasize that even more so both of these planets these aspects are encouraging us to to shift to a higher level of being by recognizing our own truth but always being guided by love as our principle because Venus rules Libra so this is this of truth is very interesting because if we look at the other aspects involved in this new moon we have mercury and Jupiter in very early Scorpio conjunct the Sun and Moon in late Libra and now yes it’s an out of sine conjunction but nevertheless it’s it’s a conjunction and Scorpio energy is about digging deep it’s forensic its penetrating its uncompromising in order to get the correct answer and get to the truth so mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio are looking for a deeper truth yours and Eris in Aries opposing this new moon or looking for a higher truth and it’s this it’s this quality of clarity that is really shining through this new moon that’s our opportunity if you like if we look at the Sabian symbol for 27 of Libra it is an airplane sails high in the clear sky and that is just so right for Uranus in Aries now we may be searching for truth with our leaders with our governments with corporations we may want to see truth revealed with those people or those organizations but also it’s about truth with yourself it’s about honesty with yourself and areas where you may have deliberately smooth things over or even unconsciously smooth things over are now up for re-evaluation let’s say at the light of truth shown on so see where this falls in your chart now a new moon is or was a new beginning as you know and it can be it can be brought about by a phone call conversation something you read just an idea a dream it may come to you and it plants the seed for a new beginning that will unfold over the coming months so that’s why it’s important to see which area of life it it falls for you in your birth chart but yours will offer us a quant bleep bleep if we have the courage to go there and take away the superficial appearance that we’ve had in that area of life whatever that is and start to dig deeper what can that reveal for us because potentially these aspects in combination are really talking about a significant jump in consciousness Uranus is never about evolution it’s about revolutions the rebel so a shifting consciousness that can help us to heal because Chiron in 27 of Pisces is also very very tightly aspecting the Sun in the moon at 26 almost 2700 of Libra so a healing can take place but it requires uncompromising honesty with yourself it’s very exciting opportunity and as I said quite complex symbolism because there’s such a polarity happening in the energy but on the other hand that polarity is offering us the opportunity of that that quantum jump to take us to another level of being the other thing which is very positive which is happening at this new moon is the dwarf planet homier which is about symbolism is about the protection and regeneration of the earth is it 23 of Libra so closely conjunct the Sun and Moon now we have seen enormous over the months years desecration of our earth through pollution through exploitation we’ve seen some just shocking record-breaking floods in South Asia and the Caribbean in the u.s.

We’ve seen huge fires up the west coast of America and Australia other places in the world so normal people are waking up to the fact that we have to protect our earth this is the planet we live on so in combination with the grand trine in fire this new new level of awakening to protecting the earth will I think be incredibly positive there a lot of young people coming up some amazing ideas for the environment so this will give a new equal and environmental focus in our world too taking care taking better care of our earth I think that will accelerate even more actually when you’re honest goes into into Taurus next May but more of that later now I talked a little bit about homier and the symbolism in my new book how to co-create using the secret language of the universe I talked about it in more detail in my Reata – – first book you don’t really believe in astrology do you but um my new book how to co-create is really helping people it’s a very exciting journey because what I hoped from the book was it would take people to a much deeper level of self understanding even if they understood quite a bit apart the planets or even if they knew nothing at all about astrology it would within the book take them to quite a quite a magical journey I think of self discovery that they may not have explored before and quite frankly before I wrote the book I hadn’t explored that part of my charters fully as fully before but it’s been a really wonderful journey for me and what I’ve now done is set up a closed Facebook group it’s closed so people can feel very shape or safe to share their experiences so if you’ve read the book and also it’s helpful to see the video companion um three videos that go alongside the book and you’ve benefited from that then you can start to share your experiences within this closed group and we’re really having quite a rich discussion on Facebook which is just really special actually it feels quite some sacred space there so you’re all of course invited to join that if if you’d like to so thank you for listening have a wonderful second half of October and a wonderful new moon in Libra on the 19th and we’re moving increasingly to some some very focused more intense energies as we get towards the end of the year as well but more of that in future videos take care and thank you for listening [Music] [Music]

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