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Chinese astrology is not a modern form of astrology, in fact he goes back many centuries. Chinese astrology is one of the acknowledged forms of astrology, and is very accurate and practiced by a professional astrologer. chinees astrology Many people enjoy following the predictions given by Chinese astrology, however, they are sometimes confused by their meaning.

Listed below is a brief and simple explanation about the 12 zodiac signs used a Chinese astrology.

The 12 zodiac signs:

The Year of the rat:

People born in the year of the rat can be quite aggressive, but hide it well, these people are also restless by nature. They’re great with money matters, and are able to use any opportunity to their advantage. They love crowds, are social and love to party.

The Year of the ox:

On the outside they seem to be calm, however, they have hidden anger and aggression. They can be very determined, and are also stubborn. They can lose their focus in romance, but with the right partner are loyal.

The year of the Tiger:

Tigers, just love to be the center of attraction, and their wildness seems to help them do this, however, they can be unpredictable. Although they are rebellious they are also honest and generous, which is quite a contradiction.

Year of the rabbit:

Rabbits tend to be on the cautious side but are friendly if they feel safe. These people are very sensitive and can get involved in a discussion without getting angry, this helps to make them great peacemakers.

Year of the dragons:

Dragon people can be to energetic. They can bully anyone who disagrees with them, however, they make loyal friends. They are quite charismatic and can talk others into their way of thinking.

The year of the snake:

Snakes are mysterious, and at the same time, they can be very attractive to the opposite sex. They have a strong self-esteem but are quite superstitious. They always have plenty of money, and very rarely run short, they are also possessive when it comes to relationships and love.

Year of the horse:

Horse people who love to be the center of attention, and are usually very funny. They enjoy having adventures and seem to not get involved in long-term love affairs.

Year of the sheep:

These people are kind hearted, very emotional, and usually sympathetic to others. Being of a peaceful nature, you will have to be gentle with them.

Year of the monkey:

Monkey people have a great personality, are clever, and have a strong intuition. They’re good at solving problems and are carefree but work hard, they are also good at motivating others.

Year of the rooster:

They get very involved in subjects they find interesting, and they also love challenges. They tend to daydream and are very romantic, unfortunately, they very rarely acknowledge the mistakes they make.

Year of the dog:

These people like living in a happy and friendly environment. They are very shrewd when it comes to choosing a life partner, they are also very loyal to their friends.

The year of the pig:

People born in the year of the pig have a great circle of friends, and the very social. They’re great opportunities and tend not to get involved in angry debates and care greatly for those who love them.

The 12 Chinese astrology signs listed above, and their explanations as simple and generalized. For a more accurate reading and prediction you will need a more careful analysis of other factors. This will probably require an appointment with an astrologer who specializes in Chinese astrology.


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